Workshops & Courses


All DARP workshops and courses are bespoke, tailored to suit the particular requirements and needs of the commissioning party. What follows is an indication of what is typically covered. This programme is to raise awareness of the causes of disagreements, to strengthen existing skills so that disagreements may be discussed co-operatively and escalation be avoided. It also gives advice and support to effectively manage the situation if disagreements do become disputes and, finally, it helps parties to effectively use dispute resolution processes if all else fails. So

  • Dispute Avoidance
  • Dispute Management
  • Dispute Resolution.

The Programme is flexible, according to the needs and experience of the commissioning party. Each module is devised to suit that party, so that all are relevant and particular to them, and can be delivered in one block of time or in several two or three hour sessions. Ideally the Programme would be delivered to a group of twelve or more with both of us leading; less than twelve would probably involve only one of us, unless agreed otherwise.

We run a 1.5-2.00 hour session, usually at lunchtime but can be at breakfast or late afternoon, as a taster for the full day workshops. This can cover any one of the Dispute Avoidance/Management/Resolution modules and can be run in-house or include business clients and consultants.

There would normally be a small charge for a ‘Taster’ session, which would be deducted from the full day Workshop charge when commissioned.

Full-day Workshop (typically eight hours including 0.5 hour lunch break).
These three Workshops are designed to be progressive but we accept that people will come at various stages of knowledge and so they can be adapted to stand alone. In addition, limited time means that some subjects are coved superficially but we are able to offer more detailed Workshops on specific subjects if required.

Dispute Avoidance

Effective Communication (3 hours)



Active listening

Questioning appropriately

Non-verbal communication

Managing emotion

Separating people from the problem

Helping people to have difficult conversations (1.5 hours)

Case study soundbites using effective communication skills

Stepping into other’s shoes exercise

Negotiating Intelligently (2.5 hours)


Co-operation v competition

Negotiation exercise

Winning v better deals

Needs v claims

Plenary on best practice (0.5 hours)

Optional additional 1 hour

Managing complaints with empathy

Optional additional 3 hours

Psychology of conflict

Dispute Management

Escalating resolution process (1.5 hours)







Other resolution processes (DRB, ENE, ED etc)

Finding co-operative solutions (2 hours)

Building on Negotiating Intelligently (above)

Preparing a persuasive case (3.5 hours using case study)

Choosing the process

SWAT analysis

Negotiation tactics

Preparing effectively

Settlement strategy

Closing plenary (0.5 hours)

Dispute Resolution

Choosing the appropriate process (1.5 hours)

Building on or replacing Escalating resolution process above)

Assessing risk (2 hours using case study)


Decision trees


Personal and business cost

Legal and disbursements

Developing effective strategies (1.5 hours using case study)

Clear roles for the team

Settlement options

Incompatible negotiating styles

Devising creative solutions (2 hours including case study)

Reviewing needs

Low cost/high gain


Short/long term benefits

Closing plenary (0.5 hours)

Other courses

DARP are experienced in running Mediator Training, Advocacy and other courses and further details of these are available on request.