Workshops & Courses


All DARP awareness sessions, workshops and courses are bespoke, tailored to suit the particular requirements of the business and flexible according to needs. They can be delivered in one block of time or in several sessions.

Contract review and preparation

Getting contracts finalised that are bespoke, reasonable and fully understood is the most critical element of effective Dispute Avoidance.

The DARP can devise and deliver tailored courses on how your business can negotiate and conclude contracts more effectively and efficiently and its training and coaching can include modules on:

  • Analysing and highlighting areas of potential risk
  • Adopting a more facilitative approach to risks in order to produce a more collaborative and effective agreement
  • Providing alternatives to the standard template drafting to engender a more even-handed approach to the agreement and relationship and to ensure that the businesses have had full engagement and input throughout the preparation stage
  • Focusing minds and foresight on the need for Dispute Avoidance
  • Building collaborative contracts through assisted deal making.

Please contact The DARP for further information and to discuss how we can help your business contract for success.

The DARP charges £300 plus VAT per hour for drafting, preparing and delivering of any coaching or training services in respect of contract review and preparation.

Awareness raising

We run a 2 hour session as a introductory overview to the full day workshops. These sessions can cover any one of the Dispute Avoidance/Management/Resolution modules as set out below and can be run in-house or including clients or consultants.

These sessions are charged at £750 per delegate with a minimum charge of £4,500 plus VAT based on six attendees, if additional places are required we will discuss any additional cost with you.

Full-day workshops 

These three workshops are designed to be progressive and bespoke but we accept that attendees may come at varying stages of knowledge and so these workshops can be adapted and modified to suit the business' specific needs.

1 Dispute Avoidance (eight hours) 

  • Effective Communication (3 hours)
  • Helping people to have difficult conversations (2 hours)
  • Negotiating Intelligently (3 hours)
  • (Optional additional 1 hour - Managing complaints)


2 Dispute Management (eight hours) 

  • Escalating resolution process (2 hours)
  • Finding co-operative solutions (2 hours)
  • Preparing a persuasive case (4 hours using a case study)

3 Dispute Resolution (eight hours)

  • Choosing the appropriate process (1 hour)
  • Assessing risk (3 hours using a case study)
  • Developing effective strategies (2 hours using a case study)
  • Devising creative solutions (2 hours including a case study)

Each of the workshops are are charged at the daily rate (eight hours) of £6,000 plus VAT. This includes all preparation and travel time (travel and accommodation expenses may be charged in addition but only if agreed in advance).  This fee is based on a maximum number of attendees of eight people. If additional participants are required we will discuss any additional cost with you.

Other courses

The DARP works alongside boards and management teams to build their capability to constructively and meaningfully challenge, and to deal with tension, conflict and change.

The DARP's Services include:

  • Reviewing and reporting on the effectiveness of existing board and management team arrangements
  • Coaching and training
  • Policy and process development
  • Independent and objective facilitation
  • Supporting boards to ensure effective interaction between members
  • Helping boards and executive committees to manage their mandate effectively ensuring that the board challenges, supports and holds to account whilst the executive committee implements.

The DARP can also work with company boards and management teams to build the capability to ensure effective interaction between boards and employee advisory bodies and how to take employee interests into account in making major board decisions.

The DARP's services include:

  • Supporting boards to ensure effective interaction with employees to meet their legal obligations and best practice standards in relation to their workforce. This includes reviewing and reporting on the effectiveness of existing arrangements
  • Facilitating the interaction between boards and workers advisory groups in regulated sectors
  • Supporting, through facilitation and coaching and other means, organisations who have established workforce advisory panels to ensure that the voice of all workers is heard by the board
  • Providing training to build the capability within management so that this is undertaken effectively
  • Providing training to build the capability within management to enable effective workforce transformation.

The DARP team are also experienced in running mediator training, advocacy and other training courses and further details are available on request.