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The proactive approach to avoid, manage and resolve disputes

by The Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Partnership


“An important handbook for all leaders who are seeking to use the benefit of hindsight beforehand and helping them avoid and manage disputes.”

Dr Karl Mackie, Founder President of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and James South, Managing Director of CEDR

“This book is published at a time when, more than ever before, businesses need access to the best advice in how to avoid, manage and resolve disputes that might undermine their ability to survive and thrive in the modern world.”

Jane Gunn – Mediator, Author and Chair of the Board of Management of CIArb

Organisations and businesses pursue strategies to build positive progress, growth and success. Yet many overlook the key issue of disputes, an oversight that can have a huge negative impact on any organisation.

This is particularly true in uncertain and challenging times, where the benefit of hindsight would help organisations not only protect key relationships but recognise the vital role of preventing disputes before they happen.

Volcano Insurance is the answer, providing a proactive approach to avoiding, managing and resolving disputes. No individual or organisation wants to spend money and time on conflict, risk and disagreements, and the DRP’s unique guide provides universally applicable processes and options that ensure every dispute is not only resolvable but often preventable.

Don’t let conflict erupt in your organisation. Protect your relationships and communication with Volcano Insurance.