Getting contracts right from the start. Effective communication. Helping people have difficult conversations. Coaching to negotiate intelligently. Managing complaints.

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Using escalating resolution. Involving neutral third parties. Preparing a persuasive case. Finding co-operative. Retaining key business relationships

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Choosing the appropriate process. Assessing risk sensibly. Developing effective strategies. Devising creative solutions. Rebuilding fractured relationships

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Who Are We

Business requires certainty in order to be successful. Whether engaged in domestic or international business, ensuring that appropriate dispute avoidance and management systems are put in place, is essential. The DARP is uniquely placed to provide the expertise needed to tailor appropriate systems for any business.

Volcano Insurance book cover

Volcano Insurance

The proactive approach to avoid, manage and resolve disputes

By The Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Partnership

Inspired by the work of the Partnership in ensuring that organisations have dispute management systems in place, Volcano Insurance provides “a vital pathway for every business to avoid costly disputes, particularly in times of crisis,”


“This book is published at a time when, more than ever before, businesses need access to the best advice in how to avoid, manage and resolve disputes that might undermine their ability to survive and thrive in the modern world.”

Jane Gunn, Mediator, Author and Chair of the Board of Management of CIArb.


“An important handbook for all leaders who are seeking to use the benefit of hindsight beforehand and helping them avoid and manage disputes.”

Dr Karl Mackie, Founder President of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and James South, Managing Director of CEDR